Stephanie Keally

April, 2016


Advancing the role of women in media in your local community

It was a privilege for me to join AWM as an Honorary Trustee this year. 2016 will be a year of exciting growth and change for us, as evidenced by this new website (among other things that are in the works). I was eager to become involved with AWM because my company reflects one of its core values…advancing the role of women in media, and in our case, local television broadcasting.

Sinclair Broadcast Group has more women general managers, news directors, and sales directors than any other television group in the country. These leadership roles help keep women’s voices central to the community dialogues that are at the heart of local television stations.

In a time where access to national media remains predominantly male-driven, local community programming offers the easiest access for women to discuss the issues that matter most to them. On the health front, we are a source of important information on everything from breast cancer prevention to concussions in little league football, from the devastating increase of heroin abuse in cities and towns of all sizes nationwide to food-borne illness product recalls. On the safety front, we run domestic abuse hotlines, report on human trafficking rings, monitor burglary reports and other neighborhood security issues that impact families. Other features include spotlights on working women, their career accomplishments and leadership roles in local businesses, philanthropic works and volunteer efforts. We run legal help phone banks, consumer protection investigations, and warnings about credit card fraud, all at the local level where this kind of reporting is most needed and most valued.

Ensuring that women have a seat at the media table is something none of us can take for granted. But I take pride in knowing that my company is doing its part. With over 150 million women in the United States, it is essential for us as local news gatherers and community affairs reporters to serve the needs of women in our communities. So, as you remain vigilant in keeping women at the forefront of various forms of media, don’t forget to think about your local television broadcaster and the abundance of opportunities we offer women’s voices every day.