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The Alliance for Women in Media Foundation recognizes the need for more women in leadership roles within media – producing the stories, designing the campaigns and leading the companies.  It is because of this need that we are launching the Future of Media: Gracies Fellowship.  The power of education, coupled with community-building, ensure that women are learning from successful role models  to achieve greater leadership success when they launch their careers.  The Gracie Awards is the AWM Foundation’s signature program that honors women in media at all levels – national, local, public and student.  We will build upon this program with this fellowship.

An undergraduate female student will be selected to embark on this journey.  The short-term goal of this fellowship is to shape the student into a prepared, engaged, and contributing media professional.  The long-term goal is to create a leader who will contribute to the overall betterment of the profession and culture.

The fellowship recipient will:

  • Be paired with a Gracie Award winner in a structured mentor/mentee relationship.  During this time, the student will learn from a seasoned, industry leader who will help her navigate through the ethical, educational and political realities that women in media face.
  • Receive tuition assistance through a scholarship fund paid directly to her university.
  • Participate in three national AWM/F events such as the Gracie Awards Gala, Gracies Luncheon and Gracies Judging Weekend.
  • Serve as an intern at the AWM national office for a minimum of two months.  

Throughout the nine-month fellowship, the recipient will chart her experience for publication in various AWM communication vehicles including a video blog and newsletter articles.  The funding support includes the scholarship to the university and stipends for travel and attendance at AWM/F events.

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