Becky Brooks

December, 2017


The Year in Review

By Becky Brooks, Executive Director

Just when you think the events of another year would be predictable, along comes 2017. The highlights, situations and crises that unfolded over the past 365 days came at a dizzying pace. No one felt the whirlwind more than the media who brought the stories to life and in a few cases, were the story.

Stories of hope, tragedy and triumph have made the headlines. From the long-awaited solar eclipse where millions of people experienced a natural phenomenon through cereal boxes to anxiously awaiting the birth of April the Giraffe, to natural disasters, mass shootings, fidget spinners and countless sexual harassment allegations that have taken down some of entertainment and media’s titans. Our industry is more surprising, provocative and relevant than ever before.

At every point, women in media continuously played pivotal roles in bringing these powerful issues and stories to life. We knew about these moments because of the perseverance and dedication demonstrated by you – the drivers and supporters of content through multiple mediums.

For over 60 years, the Alliance for Women in Media has been supporting and celebrating the contributions of women through connections, education and storytelling. Born out of the National Association of Broadcasters, AWM (originally the American Women in Radio and Television) was created by a group of women who understood the need to connect within a male-dominated media world, so they could positively impact the future for other women in the profession. History is full of stories like these—stories of women who had the courage to step up, speak out and their actions have a lasting impact.

This year highlighted the influence women continue to have in media and in workplaces everywhere.

At AWM, we like to believe that our organization has been there to help those women find their voices and their important place in companies everywhere. We celebrate and salute all of you – and the men who respect, support and elevate the contributions of women in media. This includes those in front of and behind the cameras and microphones, creating environments of community and comradery.

With 2018 in sight, we each can learn and grow from the lessons so apparent in the stories that captured headlines this year. Most importantly, we have an opportunity to take action by mentoring, coaching, teaching and raising other people up, while finding and navigating our own paths forward.

We frequently use the phrase “now, more than ever”. As an organization and as an individual, now more than ever means so much more. Through my own personal losses this year, I will emulate my inspirational, strong-willed, wise and caring mother by being intentional in everything I do and say. As an organization, we will keenly focus on recognizing and celebrating the best programming and individual achievement by, for and about women through The Gracie Awards while adding educational content to our offering and introduce new ways to connect women (and men) in media.

Here’s to welcoming a New Year and wishing the world of media a healthy, happy, productive, fun-filled 2018!