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Evolving Media – From Broadcast to Multimedia Company

Thursday, October 15

2:00 PM ET

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Join Susan Larkin, COO of Entercom, on a conversation about the ever evolving roles in media companies today. As a broadcast company with roots in legacy radio, Entercom has been progressive in launching, building and acquiring services as well as establishing structure to position for growth and be ahead of the market being created. In a conversation moderated by Weezie Kramer, former COO of Entercom, Susan will share how media companies continue to face the opportunities placed in front of them and the ever-important model of monetizing these new business paths.

Past Virtual Gathering Sessions:

  • Jill Frederickson, Senior Vice President, Production & Content Strategy, ESPN
  • Dr. Susan R. Bailey, M.D., President of the American Medical Association (AMA)
  • Julie Moos, Executive Director, National Press Club Journalism Institute
  • Jason Bailey, President, Sun Broadcast Group and AWM Honorary Trustee
  • Vicki Lins, President & CEO, CTAM
  • Elaina Smith (Nights with Elaina Host)
  • Nicole Schuman & Seth Arenstein, PR News Editors