2024 AWMF & NCTA Scholarship Application

$10,000 Scholarship
Information & Application
Deadline to Apply is May 24, 2024
  • The AWM Foundation and NCTA - The Internet and Television Association Scholarship allows a deserving female communications/media undergraduate student to create an original piece (digital short, video, animation, multi-media or other concept chosen by the student) that may be featured in NCTA and AWM Foundation media distribution channels. In addition, the chosen student will receive a scholarship to their educational institution for $10,000 and a ticket to attend the Gracies Leadership Awards in the Fall of 2024.

    This scholarship serves to fund a promising student’s education as well as to provide a unique and compelling piece for her resume. The student will also have the opportunity to meet high-level professionals in the media industry through the AWM event. The scholarship piece ultimately will be created with the guidance of NCTA representatives to ensure it is as compelling and high-quality as possible.

    In addition to completing the form below, please submit by email to info@allwomeninmedia.org:
    1 - A letter of recommendation from a professor or a journalism/media/communications professional,
    2 - Proof of enrollment via a copy of your student id or transcript and
    3 - A sample of your work from a college class (can be a link to a video, presentation, paper, article, etc.).

    Form to complete:
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Please choose a topic that you would like to create a digital piece or other creative concept about if chosen for this scholarship:

    Review of public policy viewpoints in telecommunications. Take a thoughtful and journalistic approach in reviewing viewpoints in telecommunications policy as portrayed by NCTA on its websites or through other information media and focus and report on one or several points of view that may be of interest to you. For example, you could analyze one or more NCTA policy viewpoints at https://www.ncta.com/positions/connecting-every-american and describe how such policies would benefit both industry and consumers or describe how policy viewpoints might reflect or affect the current and future state of the industry.

    Future Trends in Immersive Media: The AI Revolution. Forecast the next 5 years in digital media, focusing on the transformative role of AI and broadband innovations. Imagine a future where immersive media, powered by AI and universal online connectivity, revolutionizes storytelling and user experience. Assess how these advancements might close the digital divide and change our interaction with digital content.

    Crafting the Narrative. Select a policy advocated by NCTA (e.g.- the expansion of broadband to underserved areas), and craft a storytelling strategy to illustrate its importance and impact. Develop a narrative that brings to life the tangible benefits of this policy for individuals and communities, using personal stories, hypothetical scenarios, or historical analogies. Your strategy should aim to demystify the policy, making its goals and benefits relatable and understandable to the general public.
  • Scholarship Recipient Requirements and Deadlines:
    Once chosen for the scholarship, the student will develop and deliver the project according to a timeline set up between the student and NCTA.

    Scholarship Money and Recognition:
    AWM Foundation and NCTA will select one student winner to receive $10,000, payable to the winning student’s educational institution (50% for Fall semester and 50% for Spring semester upon completion of project), and one complimentary ticket to AWM’s event in the fall of 2024. Notification will be in June of 2024.

    Additional Information:
    • This scholarship opportunity is open to any female undergraduate student attending an accredited college or university in the United States in 2024. Those pursuing a media career in an area such as cable, television, radio, digital media, publishing, journalism, advertising, production, creative design, or others are especially encouraged to apply.
    • The finished product, pending editorial review, may be featured in NCTA and AWM Foundation media distribution channels; and the student will have the right to use and retain the deliverable material in her own portfolio and for any purposes she sees fit.

    Application with requested materials must be submitted by the close of business on May 24, 2024. For questions, please email info@allwomeninmedia.org or call 202.750.3664.

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