Guest Author

July, 2022

Video Blog


My dream to attend Columbia University’s Journalism school was achieved, thanks to the generous educational scholarships offered by the Alliance for Women in Media Foundation (AWMF).

Since being named the 2021 recipient of the Alliance for Women in Media Foundation & Ford Empowering America Scholarship, my dream is becoming a reality. Last month, I graduated from Columbia University, grew my platform, an online platform spotlighting African leaders and connecting the African diaspora to new levels, and will begin a new position at Bloomberg News this fall.

As a young Nigerian-American, the AWMF scholarship supported me and gave me confidence during a time where I hesitated to believe in myself. I’m grateful to have been introduced to many amazing leaders in media through AWMF as well.

I want to personally thank you for your generosity and vote of confidence. Without scholarship patrons willing to support women in media, students like myself would not be able to pursue advanced degrees that in turn, help to further propel diversity within the media community.

This week, I had the opportunity to attend the 47th annual Gracie’s Award Luncheon in New York which gave me much hope and inspiration. I saw several talented, diverse, award winners which reemphasized the possibilities for a recent graduate like myself.

So, thank you – I’m one step closer being a future media mogul. Stay tuned!

Omose Ighodaro is a Columbia University Journalism School Graduate, Masters of Science, Class of ’22. She was the recipient of the 2021 Alliance for Women in Media Foundation and Ford Empowering America Scholarship. We look forward to seeing even more from Omose in the future.