Becky Brooks

April, 2018


Paying it Forward

By Rashida Jones, senior vice president for specials at NBC News and MSNBC, and 2018 Gracie Ambassador

If we’ve learned anything in the last year, we learned the power of the female voice. The power of a unified effort and how it can make change. It’s lead to change in our industry and forced organizations to take a critical look at practices that had been standard for decades. The tide is shifting. You can feel the energy change. It’s happening.

Women are demanding greater focus towards equality. People are listening. I believe the next step of this cause is far more introspective. What can YOU do to pay it forward? What can YOU do to empower someone else? How can YOU reach back to pull someone else up? The core mission of the Alliance of Women in Media is “supporting women across all media segments, to expand networks, educate and celebrate accomplishments.” How can YOU magnify that mission? After a year of the #MeToo revolution, this summer has the potential to be the year of the woman. I challenge each of you do to something mindful and intentional to pull someone else up.

  • Mentor a woman with high potential.
  • Speak to a group of upcoming media professionals.
  • Donate to an organization that supports women in media.
  • Host a networking event pairing established women in media with more junior professionals.
  • Do something to deliberately impart your knowledge to someone who could use it.
  • Believe in someone who needs that kind of support.

These types of acts can be life and career changing.

A few years ago I started a blog ( to share advice with early career journalists. It was the career advice I wished I could tell my 25 year old self. It wasn’t enough; I continue to search for ways to pay it forward. The Alliance for Women in Media does exemplary work in this space. I am overwhelmingly impressed by this organization’s commitment to supporting and developing women in media and am incredibly excited to join as a Gracies Ambassador.

May the Summer of 2018 be the summer of the woman, because of the efforts we have all done to pay it forward.