Amy Burton

February, 2023

Blog, Gracies Leadership Award

Aria Young’s Experience at the 2022 Gracies Leadership Award

Women are the present and future of media. I felt deeply inspired by all the pioneering women in media that spoke by the podium at the 2022 Gracies Awards. Standing on the shoulders of these women, I can see the future of media being more remarkable and innovative than ever. In my opinion, the most significant innovation in news in the next 10 years will be AI technology. I think journalists will use artificial intelligence to enhance their reporting. Through augmented reporting, journalists can utilize content generated by AI machines, such as macro data trends and phenomenons, and focus on deriving insights instead of gathering information. The journalist’s role will evolve from a one-dimensional news gatherer to news curator. Future journalists will develop better decision making and narrative creating skills because of AI reporting.

Aria Young is a recipient of the 2022 Google News Initiative Student Fellowship. She is currently a student at New York University, and we look forward to seeing how she continues to shape the world of media in the future.