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August, 2022

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Member Spotlight: Michelle Duke, National Association of Broadcasters

In the August 2022 issue of “A Minute with Membership,” AWM’s members-only newsletter, we heard from member Michelle Duke, President of the NAB Leadership Foundation and Chief Diversity Officer at NAB.

Why are organizations like the Alliance for Women in Media important today?

While women are making great strides in our industry, we still aren’t at parity with the number of men in leadership positions and certainly not in ownership. Organizations like the Alliance for Women in Media offer women the opportunity to be recognized for their contributions to the industry and network with other women who are making a difference. AWM and AWM Foundation are also a source of information and industry connections for women who are building toward leadership positions in media. 

What inspired you to become a member?

I have been a member of AWM since it was the American Women in Radio and Television (AWRT). I joined because of the opportunity to network with and be mentored by women who were making significant strides in the fields of television and radio. As the organization has expanded its reach to include all women in media, I have had the opportunity to learn from women who work in every facet of the media space. As a result, I’ve developed life-long friendships, fruitful partnerships, and a broader knowledge of the industry. I was honored to serve on the board of AWM for many years. It was a privilege to help shape the direction of the organization. Now, I strongly encourage individuals who want to be connected, build opportunities for others, and contribute to the advancement of women in our business to get involved at the committee or board level. 

What is your greatest advice, to women or men, no matter where they are in their career?

Make it a point to ask yourself with some degree of frequency if you are happy and having fun. Then, be brave enough to change the situation if you aren’t. That doesn’t always mean leaving a job or industry. It could, but it might also mean restructuring your current role, reinventing yourself, returning to school, giving back to others, or finding a side hustle that brings you joy. For me, happiness has been a significant key to success.

Michelle’s Bio

Michelle Duke has over 30 years of experience in the media industry working as a journalist, and a nonprofit and trade association executive. She is currently the President of the National Association of Broadcasters Leadership Foundation (NABLF) and the Chief Diversity Officer of the National Association of Broadcasters.

Before joining the NAB Leadership Foundation in January 2005, she was the Director of Leadership Programs for the Newspaper Association of America. She started her media career as a reporter for the now defunct, afternoon daily The Nashville Banner, which was based in Nashville, TN. Duke received her Bachelor of Science in journalism from Middle Tennessee State University.

Knowledge Areas

Radio, television, diversity, strategy, leadership development, recruitment and retention, writing

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