Amy Burton

February, 2023

Blog, Gracies Leadership Award

Jordan Ruttert’s Experience at the 2022 Gracies Leadership Award

Attending the Gracie Awards as a Mattel Fellow, I was unsure what to expect from the experience. I understood the event would provide us students with an invaluable networking opportunity. However, the highlight of the Gracie’s was listening to the empowering stories of the women being honored. As an avid media consumer, I often study the reporters I see on TV, trying to learn as much as I can through observation. Yet, as viewers welcome these friendly faces into their homes as they tune in to watch the news, people often neglect to recognize all the work behind the scenes to create a quality production. I was delighted to see that the Gracie’s provided a space to recognize the heart of media. It was so rewarding to listen to the female honorees who are living proof that with passion, drive, and hard work, women can continue to break glass ceilings and produce honest content that continues to inquire and inspire.

Jordan Ruttert is a recipient of the 2022 Mattel Student Fellowship. She is currently a student at New York University, and we look forward to seeing how she continues to shape the world of media in the future.