Frequently Asked Questions

What are the deadlines for entry?
What qualifies for a Gracie?
What do I need to be able to submit an entry?
The categories seem different this year. What has changed?
What are the prices to enter? Can I get a discount?
I want to pay by check.
I need to edit my entry but I’ve already paid.
Can I enter the same show multiple times in the same category?


What are the deadlines for entering?
The deadline to submit and receive Early Bird pricing is 11:59 PM Eastern Time on December 8, 2016. To receive this pricing, your entry must be complete and payment must be submitted. Final deadline for entry is 11:59 Eastern Time on January 12, 2017. Entry must be complete and payment received by this date to be considered in judging. Edits may be made to entries up to the day of judging.

What qualifies for a Gracie?
– Judges are looking for outstanding programming or individual achievement by, for OR about women. Entries must fall in at least one category but may fall into more than one category.
Examples: MTV’s PSA Look Different, a 2015 Gracie winner, was created FOR women. Maggie Gyllenhaal won best actor in a drama for her work as a woman, which qualifies as BY women. NPR’s piece, Talking While Female, won a 2015 Gracie and was ABOUT women.

– The entry must have been originally broadcast between December 1, 2015 and December 31, 2016. (Note extended deadline through calendar year 2016.)

– In the Interactive Media category, the entry should be originally created for distribution through the internet or digital means. (Note: re-purposed content originally created for television or radio is not eligible.)

What is needed to submit an entry?
A clip or a compilation of audio or video clips is required to upload into the entry software. The clip or compilation should be no less than 2 minutes and no longer than 15 minutes. All audio and video files must be uploaded into the software for judging. For questions or trouble uploading, contact headquarters.

The categories seem different this year. What has changed?
Leaders in television, radio and interactive media reviewed all categories and made additions, deletions and recommendations for updates for the 2017 Gracie Awards. Some of the examples of changes included splitting the radio ‘public’ category into non-commercial syndicated and non-commercial local to reflect common language in the industry and create a level playing field for entrants. Please review the categories and edited descriptions to assist with questions. Many answers are available through reviewing these materials.

What are the prices to enter? Are discounts available?
Prices are as follows:
National/Syndicated: $230 Early Bird; $280 Regular Rate
Local: $170 Early Bird; $220 Regular Rate
Student: $50 Early Bird; $75 Regular Rate
Discounts are available to select sponsors and Honorary Trustee companies. To receive the lowest rate possible submit and pay for entries by the early bird deadline. Submissions will not be refunded.

Can payment be made by check?
If the total investment of all Gracie entries submitted exceeds $1,000 in the awards software, an option will be available to print an invoice to send in with a check. If the total is under that amount credit card payment in the awards software is required. Please contact with any questions.

Can edits be made to an entry after payment is made?
Edits can be made to entries until the program is locked for judging after the final entry deadline. To make edits, log into the account created and click the entry requiring edits. For questions, contact

Can the same show or individual be entered multiple times in the same category?
The categories that apply to a show as a whole (i.e. Talk Show- News, Comedy, Public Service Announcement) or to a person (i.e. Producer, Co-Host, On-Air Talent), may be entered only once per individual or show. For example, multiple hosts of the same talk show may be submitted separately as entries under “host”, however each individual person may only be submitted to win the host category once. The categories that apply to a segment of a show/program (hard news feature, soft news feature, interview etc.) may be entered multiple times by the same show with different segments as entries. For questions, please contact