Four decades of recognizing achievements by women across all media

“Women have and continue to struggle to climb from the bottom of the ladder, but it is with the utmost determination that we reach for that next rung no matter how difficult the challenge.”

– Ms. Cicely Tyson, accepting a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2015 Gracies.

The Gracie Awards were established in 1975, with 2021 marking the 46th anniversary. The Gracies are celebrated with an evening event on the West Coast and a luncheon on the East Coast. These star-studded events include the visionary women who have spearheaded media progress and those who are the setting the path for the future.

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“If she were alive today [Gracie Allen], I think she’d be extremely proud of the women in this room; to know that we, too, stand in our own truths, do the work we love and, hopefully, will leave the industry, and the world, a little better off than when we found it.”

– Kristen Johnston, reminding 2015 Gracie Gala attendees why Gracie Allen was truly an inspiration.