List of Previous Honorees

Plans are underway for the 2022 Gracies Leadership Awards. Details will be posted when available.

This annual event provides an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the significant impact women have made in the media industry, while also spurring to action and emboldening female leaders in attendance.

For decades, the Alliance for Women in Media Foundation has bestowed the coveted Gracie Award on the producers, directors, actors and writers for extraordinary work. The Gracies are named for the iconic Gracie Allen, who was a indeed as much a talent as she was a brilliant and visionary business leader.  The newly renamed Gracie Leadership Award closes the circle by spotlighting the media industry’s business leaders, from founders and owners to c-suite executives. As a result, the Gracie now represents all individuals who work tirelessly to bring the very best in programming to millions of people around the world.

This event consistently serves as an opportunity to celebrate the significant impact made by women in our business and inspire female leaders in attendance to be bold in their own lives and careers.

For sponsorship information about the Gracies Leadership Awards, or any other AWM/F opportunity, please contact Becky Brooks.