2021 Gracie Awards Winner Montages

These video montages include content clips and acceptance speeches from 2021 Gracie Award Honorees. Each montage includes a list of winning entries that appear within that video.

Frontline Coverage
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24 Hours: Assault on the Capitol (ABC News and Hulu)
Martha Raddatz
Allison Keyes (Weekend Roundup)
Brooke Thomas (The Black Report)
Chaos in the Capitol, A Nation Divided
WUSA9 Inauguration Day (WUSA9 11pm – Inauguration Day)
Juliet Huddy (Curtis & Juliet)
Marci Wiser (95.5 KLOS/Los Angeles/Rock Format)
Interview Feature
Marla Gibbs: A Living Treasure (Café Mocha Radio)
Brigitte Quinn (The Wedding)
First Female District Attorney in Nassau County Inspires & Encourages More Women to Enter Politics (Natalie Khait)
On Air Talent
Liz Olivia Fernández (The War on Cuba)
Andrea L Cabrera (Newsline)
Kirstin Garriss (Black in America: Generational Pain & Healing)
Malika Bilal (The Take)
Producer/Director (Video 1 of 2)
Jessica Beck (Snapshots from Black America)
Katie Hinman (On the Trail: Inside the 2020 Primaries)
Carmen Collins (WFUV News Presents: Staying Safe and Sane)
Grace Chimel (WUSA9)
Fernanda Camerena (Petrie Dish)
Carly Wasserlein (Newsline)
Courtney Adema and Julia Wachtel (Hofstra Today)
Producer/Director (Video 2 of 2)
Sally Woodward Gentle (Killing Eve)
Stephanie Wittels Wachs, Jackie Danzinger, and Jessica Cordova Kramer (Last Day, Season 2)
Victoria Balestrieri (Make Way – A Celebration of Women’s Basketball)
Zahra Rasool (Still Here)
Monica Dávila (Santiago of the Seas)
Kate Redding (TODAY)
Jessica Miller (A Turning Point: The Healing Power of Poetry)
Program Education (Video 1 of 2)
Alzheimer’s in Color (Latino USA)
Lisa Abramowicz (Generation Interrupted)
Carol Sutton Lewis (Ground Control Parenting)
Amicus Presents: The Class of RBG
Bravery and Hope: 7 Days on the Front Line (CBS New Special)
Creators for Change on Girls’ Education with Michelle Obama
Going Flat or Building New Breasts: Two Women’s Post Mastectomy Stories (Audacious)
How This Army Officer is Memorializing Her Stillborn Daughter Through Music (Victoria Chamberlin)
Covid Community Help
Program Education (Video 2 of 2)
The Lakota Daughters
Jill Schlesinger (Jill on Money)
Not Done: Women Remaking America
Real America with Jorge Ramos
Ocoee Massacre
The Flyover State (Amelia Jarecke)
Women in Politics/Double Standards – A League of Our Own (Eli Finkelson)
myTalk’s Project Down & Dirty Classic Radio Drama
Program Entertainment (Video 1 of 2)
Kavitha A Davidson (The Lead)
Caroline Fairchild (Working Together)
CNN Style
Postcards from the Pandemic (Annie Wu + ideastream Staff)
Dancing Through the Fight of a Lifetime (Ashley Stroehlein)
Program Entertainment (Video 2 of 2)
Play Like a Girl (ESPN’s College GameDay)
SC Featured: Women in Sports – The Trailblazers
ViewFinder Season #12 (ViewFinder Spring 2020 Virtual Screening)
Race in Chicago
Program News (Video 1 of 3)
60 in 6: Covid and Domestic Abuse
China’s Coronavirus Crisis (All Things Considered)
Cami McCormick and Deborah Rodriguez (CBS World News Roundup)
60 Minutes: Talking to the Past
Healthcare’s New Home: A Barbershop Story (Sidni Espinosa)
In Virginia, A Family Tragedy Stirs New Life in a Burial Ground for the Enslaved (Daniella Cheslow)
Help for Domestic Abuse Victims During the Pandemic Shutdown (Shelli Sonstein)
WNYC/Gothamist (Gwynne Hogan)
Program News (Video 2 of 3)
Lulu Garcia-Navarro & Peter Breslow (Weekend Edition Sunday)
Reconciling History: The Ordeal of One Last Surviving “Sex Slave” of Wartime Philippines (Weekend Edition Sunday)
The COVID Recession – Worse for Women (Megan Lynch)
Local Artist Memorializes Lives Lost to COVID-19 (Kelsey Mannix)
Police, Paramedics, and Ketamine: What Happened to Elijah McClain? (Lori Jane Gilha)
KNX News (Emily Valdez)
JC Whittington (Daisy Fields)
Program News (Video 3 of 3)
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Reema Khrais (This is Uncomfortable)
VICE on Showtime
KRLD Difference Makers (Susy Solis)
The Gabe and Nina Morning Show (Nina Hajian)
The Social Media Effect (Rylee Meyer and Alexandra Cann)
Ten News at 5: What it is Like to be in a Covid-19 Vaccine Trial (Robin Wilhoit and Elizabeth Sims)
The Next 440: #DefendBlackWomen (Sia Nyorkor)
VOICES with Pebbles
Radio Anchor
Karen Travers (ABC News)
Ina Jaffe (Morning Edition/Weekend Edition)
Holly Quan
Carson Frame
Radio Host (Video 1 of 2)
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Danielle Monaro (Elvis Duran and the Morning Show)
Annie Frey (The Annie Frey Show on 971FMTalk)
Kelly Ford (Kelly Ford in the Morning)
Jamie Morris (Jamie & You)
Amanda Orlando (Jim & Amanda on WARM98.5)
Bonnie Petrie (Petrie Dish)
Radio Host (Video 2 of 2)
Hilary Kramer (Hilary Kramer’s Millionaire Maker)
Jillene Khan (Jillene Khan on Magic 98)
Katie Francis (Katie Francis – The Rowan Report)
Lori Voomas (Lori Voomas-WJBQ-Portland)
Maggie Gray (The Moose and Maggie Show)
Sue Purnell “Big Sue” (WHRK-FM)
Mary Mazzio (A Most Beautiful Thing)
Jessica Goldberg (Away)
Hear Her Voice (Nightline)
Lena Waithe (The Chi)
Catherine Reitman (Workin’ Moms)