Hear What Members of the Alliance for Women in Media Have to Say

Why are organizations such as AWM important today?

“Orgs such as AWM offer invaluable support, community, and connection amongst peers which may otherwise not be possible. These opportunities help to open doors to a myriad of possibilities, from mentorship to career advancement, and much in between. Personally, an AWM connection recently opened the door for me with a top production company.”

Jen Sall, Writer and Producer
2023 Gracie Award Winner

“While women are making great strides in our industry, we still aren’t at parity with the number of men in leadership positions and certainly not in ownership. Organizations like the Alliance for Women in Media offer women the opportunity to be recognized for their contributions to the industry and network with other women who are making a difference. AWM and AWM Foundation are also a source of information and industry connections for women who are building toward leadership positions in media.”

Michelle Duke, President, NAB Leadership Foundation and Chief Diversity Officer, NAB

“Now more than ever, it’s important to be a part of a supportive community that motivates and inspires all women. The Alliance for Women in Media is built on strong women that educate and celebrate each other’s accomplishments. The Alliance follows the notion that women can work together and empower women in all areas of their careers, while continuing to make a conscious effort in connecting multi-generations of students, executives, and professionals beyond the media industry.” 

Liane Sousa, Associate Director of Affiliate Sales, Compass Media Networks

“AWM and organizations like this are so important as a resource, education, and comradery for the community of women in media. Especially because although we are making strides, we still have a long way to go to get women the public recognition, respect, fair pay, and equal rights we deserve.”

Angela Megrey, VP Social Media, Hallmark Media

What Inspired You to Become an AWM Member:

“As I was progressing in my career in media and getting to a place where I had some juice, I felt that I had a responsibility to other talented women to help them move forward as well. I’d benefitted from that support from other women as I was moving up the ladder, and I wanted to pay it forward.”

Zena Burns, SVP, Content & Special Projects, Futuri

“Growing up after watching a show or listening to the radio, my sister and I would create our own plays and write our own songs.  We would host pretend cooking shows and put on elaborate plays.  For us, it was seeing women on TV that would spark our imagination where we could see ourselves on television.  Jumping forward to present day, I was inspired to become a member for that exact reason.  To be a contributor and influencer in this industry, I feel I am helping to unite and spark creativity in our current and future generations.”

Courtney Huber, Vice President, Partner Marketing, Hallmark Media

“I learned about AWM when I was in college as I was awarded a scholarship through the NYC Affiliate my junior year. I joined as an honorary board member and found the programming so valuable that I have been a member of the organization for the past ~7 years. I love that the organization differentiates itself through its emphasis on dialogue and participation during intimate events.”

Emily Eldredge, Business Development Manager, Microsoft

“Joining AWM was a natural fit for me personally and professionally. I co-host and produce a women’s empowerment show. I’m a big supporter of women pursuing their dreams and passions. I’m a natural mentor and teacher, especially to those pursuing careers in media and entertainment. When I started looking for a professional group whose vision aligned with mine, I didn’t have to go far. AWM is more than just the Gracies. They offer both local and national opportunities for women to learn, grow, connect and give back.”

Angelique Perrin, Host and Producer,
Café Mocha Radio and KCRW/Los Angeles

“I was “all in” on the Alliance for Women in Media after attending the June 2019 Gracies Luncheon in New York City.  It was an incredible event – the very best of the best being honored for outstanding work by, for and about women.  I was impressed by the caliber of presenters, performers AND Gracies recipients. I returned to California with a deep appreciation for AWM  – and, I was excited to become a member. Now, as a member, I’ve had the opportunity to participate in rewarding and enriching activities – including virtual Gracie Interview Series and Gracies judging.”

Jennifer Seelig, Director of News and Programming, KCBS Radio Entercom

What is your greatest advice, to women or men, no matter where they are in their career:

“Take time to grow your network and invest in your own professional development.  You will reap the dividends tenfold. 

Sylvia Strobel, President & CEO, Twin Cities PBS

“Know who you are and be you to the fullest.  Your voice, your perspective and your story are valued and needed. Study and learn the latest technology and industry plans and changes, be an “early adapter” so you’ll be prepared when an opportunity opens up to you.  Show your knowledge and your worth. Don’t be there for the ride, be there to drive the car and bring others with you!”

Christine Nagy, Co-Host Cubby and Christine in the Morning, Lite-FM/iHeartMedia
2023 Gracie Award Winner

“Treat everyone you work with kindly. Whether it’s the Morning Show Host or the Receptionist or the Janitor. Learn their names and listen when they tell you how they’re doing. You never know where people’s lives will take them and who they’ll become. My late boss Rick Buckley taught me this first-hand. He knew the names of people in all 7 of our markets, what they did, when they had hard times. Making the business personal was important to him, and I’ve done my best to do the same. ”

Becky Bennett, Vice President, Partner Relations, Cumulus Media | Westwood One

“There are a couple of philosophies which I have firmed embraced over the years.  The first is to be as authentic as possible!  It’s impossible to maintain a persona who you aren’t, and you’ll be much happier and better at what you do when your true self shines through (and it’s infinitely less stressful).  The second is to be curious about everything — not only what is in your purview, but about surrounding areas as well.  I’m always a little suspect of someone who isn’t at least a little curious about how to be better at their job or how someone else might handle a situation; there’s always some new trick to pick up!”

Valerie Blackburn, Principal, VKB Media Consulting
2022 AWM Legacy Leadership Award Recipient

“Having good relationships with others is one of the most important aspects of any business. Work on building bridges, own your mistakes, be generous with your praise, set the bar very high, and always lead by example.”

Andrea Passafiume, Documentary Film Programmer